Trolley Square

trolleyTrolley Square was completed in 2006 as a new construction project. The Trolley site is prominently located at the junction of two major transportation arteries and the Linear Park/Minuteman Bike Path. It is directly adjacent to the MBTA’s electric bus terminal, a five-minute walk from the Davis Square MBTA’s Red Line stop. The development’s many “Green” and sustainable features include:

Building Envelope is tightly sealed and insulated to minimize heat loss. Insulation in the walls, roof, and floors exceeds the code requirement by 30%. Damp blown cellulose insulation contains 75%–80% post-consumer recycled newspaper and is more effective at controlling air leakage than high-density fiberglass batts. Energy Star scored these buildings with a HERS rating of over 90

Windows are aluminum-clad wood with double pane, insulated, argon-filled glazing with a low-E coating. The high-performance glazing helps control heat gain and heat loss in both the winter and summer months.

trolley-solarPhotovoltaic solar panels are installed to offset energy costs of the garage. Energy Star lighting, appliances, and mechanicals are used to further decrease energy costs.

Energy-efficient central boilers with an efficiency rating of 93% heat the rental development. Multiple thermostats are located in the units to allow the system to provide heat only where it is needed.

Water conservation measures in the kitchens and bathrooms include low-flow shower heads, sinks, faucets, as well as dual flush toilets than can reduce water usage by half on liquid-waste flushes.

Storm water retention tanks were installed beneath the corner park to retard the flow of storm water into the City system. Clean storm water from the tanks is captured and reused to irrigate the draught-resistant planters in the plaza.

Light-colored paving and roofing, along with landscaping and underground parking, help to reduce the “heat island” effect of the site.

An Otis Gen2 gearless traction elevator accesses the community space and garage. This elevator is 50% more efficient than a conventional elevator. Rather than conventional steel ropes, the Gen2 uses thin belts made from woven steel strands encased in polyurethane to lift the elevator car.

Indoor air quality is exceptional due to the use of low VOC paints, natural linoleum (marmoleum) and rubber flooring in lieu of vinyl, and green label carpets. Bathroom exhaust fans provide low-level continuous ventilation. This controlled ventilation improves indoor air quality by continuously removing stale air, and elevated levels of carbon dioxide.

During construction the contractor incorporated a construction waste management and recycling program. Overall 90% of all construction waste was recycled, including wood, steel, concrete, gypsum, and cardboard.

 TS- Elevation along Massachusetts Avenue

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